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If you're looking for a practical bag that nevertheless carries a punch, choose our Practical - Starburst- Leather Bag.

It's adorable, functional, and long-lasting, making it a must-have among leather handbags. Because it is constructed of full grain Italian leather, this Leather Tote Bag will never overpower your natural beauty, but rather compliment it and even take it to the next level.

Its natural flexibility also serves as a compliment to its durability. Flexibility gives its shape a distinct form and allows it to age gracefully without losing any of its attractive appearance, form, or utility.

This is a functional, practical design that does not sacrifice aesthetics. It has adequate space for all of your need (essentially your complete mobile workplace and social life). The basic style will match with any outfit and may be worn from work to the weekend. This buy will last for many years!


  • Material: Leather
  • Brown with black inside lining
  • Light gold hardware
  • Zipper
  • Interior open pocket
  • Removable strap
  • Size - W19cm x H16cm x D7cm
  • Handmade
  • Italian
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Providing you with the highest-quality bag entails more than simply using the best materials. Each item is made-to-order in Italy, using traditional processes to assure high quality and sharp details. They are made of superior leather, which is a natural material, as opposed to other synthetic materials used to produce bags. This also implies that the process of making a leather bag does not contaminate the environment as much as the process of making a synthetic or imitation bag does by using more chemicals. You'll be wearing this bag year after year because it was made with love and durability in mind. You will never be sorry for purchasing this handbag!