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This classic-styled Leather Duffle Bag is the ideal all-purpose bag, with ample room for all of life's necessities. Every detail of this bag has been meticulously examined, and its full leather construction will develop character with age. This Leather Travel Bag is our top new trend pick, handcrafted in the most sumptuously soft Italian leather.

This Leather Bag will be an excellent companion for all of your outings. It's the ideal size for all your essentials, from the commute to the countryside. It is as functional as it is gorgeous, with safe compartments and exquisitely fashioned in your choice of Leopard, Cheetah, or Calico Leather Cowhide fabric.

This fantastic investment will draw attention wherever you go. This wonderful duffle bag is intricately created with high vintage studs racing along the side of the centre for an authentic aesthetic. It will easily replace any of your other travel bags in your collection!

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